Publication Year: 2019

The African Microbiome: Clues of human adaptation and population history.

Schmidt VT and Ley RE.

Kems Verlag, Tübingen, Germany. 

In book: Modern Human Origins and Dispersal, Sahle Y., Reyes-Centeno H., and Bentz C. (Eds.). 


Murine methyl donor deficiency impairs early growth in association with dysmorphic small intestinal crypts and reduced gut microbial diversity.

Alves da Silva AV, Oliveira SB, DiRienzi SC, Dehan LM, Rood JK, Carreira VS, Le H, Maier EA, Betz KJ, Aihara E, Ley RE, Preidis GE, Shen L and Moore SR.

Current Developments in Nutrition. 

3(1);nzy070 .