EMBO fellowship awarded to postdoctoral researcher Kelsey Huus

Congratulations to postdoctoral researcher Kelsey Huus who was awarded an EMBO fellowship to run the µHEAT study (‘Microbial-Human Ecology and Temperature’), which aims to understand interactions between the gut microbiome and the human immune system in the context of vaccination. Through this study we are collecting longitudinal stool, serum, and body temperature data from healthy young adults in the Tübingen area, before and after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, in collaboration with the Institute for Tropical Medicine. We plan to test (a) whether a person’s microbiota predicts the strength of their immune response to the vaccine and (b) whether the microbiota responds to vaccine-induced immune activation, especially fever. This research may help us to better understand the relationship between immunity and the gut microbiota in healthy adults. We wish Kelsey much success and look forward to new exciting data.