The Department of Microbiome Science decimates the diversity day baking contest

To celebrate the different roles and professional identities at the Max Planck Institute for Biology Tübingen, we all participated in our first every Diversity Day! A day for us to share with each other what we do and contribute to the institute for all of us to understand one another better.
To show off our work, Heike, Jan and Christian developed an ‘Experience Area’ showcasing the difficulties of working in an anaerobic glove box, decorated with pictures showing the wonderful people and results from our lab.

To celebrate the language diversity at the institute, a fabulous talk was given in German by Postdocs Ronald (A native German and Kelsey (who is not a native German speaker!)
And finally, department three took place in the ‘Bake your work’ baking c ontest, in which we swept the competition! Matthias won the audience vote for his amazingly adorable mouse cake! The team of Anna, Alina and Christian then won the jury technical prize for their spectacular (and gory) intestinal tract design. Finally, Julia then won best tasting cake for her delicious mouse cage cake!

Well done to everyone who participated in this wonderful institute day and for doing so well!