Congratulations to our 2020 PhD Symposium winners!

Last week the institute held its annual PhD symposium online, to great success. Congratulations to Tanja Schön for winning Best Poster, Michael Bell for winning Best Short Talk, and Albane Ruaud for Runner-Up in the Long Talk category. The 2020 PhD symposium of the MPI for Developmental Biology was held Nov 18-19 and featured PhD students from the MPI and Tübingen University. Awards are given for best long and short talks and best poster: we are very proud of our Team Microbiome winners in all three!

Tanja Schön presented her work with Jill Waters on the effect of Christensenella minuta in the mouse gut on behavioral activity.

Michael Bell showed his work on the interactions between flagellins and human TLR5.

Albane Ruaud presented her model endoR, which sheds light into the black box of machine learning models to explain the rules behind the decisions.

A great showing all around!