We are interested in the co-evolution of humans with their microbiomes

We take an evolutionary perspective to ask how microbial communities in the gut adapted to life in the human host.

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We enjoyed a nice Xmas party organized by our colleagues. We also played the funny German version of secret Santa as well as having a superb dinner,...

Selected Publications

Poole A.C., Goodrich J.K., Youngblut N.D., Luque G.G., Ruaud A., Sutter J.L., Waters J.L., Shi Q., El-Hadidi M., Johnson L.M., Bar H.Y., Huson D.H., Booth J.G. and R.E. Ley. Human salivary amylase gene copy number impacts oral and gut microbiomes. BioRxiv doi.org/10.1101/359737. Cell Host & Microbe (accepted).

Walters W. A., Jin Z., Youngblut N., Wallace J. G., Sutter J., Zhang W., González-Peña A., Peiffer J., Koren  O., Shi  Q., Rob Knight, Glavina del Rio T., Tringe S. G., Buckler E. S., Dangl J. L., and Ley R. E. Large-scale replicated field study of maize rhizosphere identifies heritable microbes. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA pii: 201800918 (2018)

Goodrich, J. K. , E. R. Davenport, M. A. Jackson, M. Beaumont, R. Knight, T. D. Spector, J. T. Bell, A. G. Clark, R. E. Ley. Genetic determinants of the gut microbiome assessed in UK Twins. Cell Host & Microbe 19:731-43. (2016)

Goodrich, J. K., E. R. Davenport, J. L. Waters, A. G. Clark and R. E. Ley. Cross-species comparisons of host genetic associations with the microbiome. Science 352: 532-535. (2016)

Goodrich, J. K.,  J. L. Waters, A. C. Poole, J. L. Sutter, O. Koren, R. Blekhman, M. Beaumont, W. Van Treuren, R. Knight, J. T. Bell, T. D. Spector, A. G. Clark and R. E. Ley. Human genetics shape the gut microbiome. Cell 159: 789-799. (2014)