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Jacobo successfully defended his thesis titled “Insights into the human gut microbiome and its link with obesity and cardiometabolic diseases”.

Our new pre-print is out!

Congratulations to Lara Berg for successfully completing her Masters degree in the Ley Lab! For her thesis, Lara charaterised strain-level metabolic...

Congratulations are in order for Paul OG Jorzik, who has successfully completed his Master's degree. Paul completed his thesis in the Ley Lab where he...

A new review from the Ley Lab from Hagay Enav and Ruth Ley discussing the establishment of the infant gut microbiome at strain-level resolution.

Congratulations to postdoctoral researcher Kelsey Huus who was awarded an EMBO fellowship to run the µHEAT study

New article discussing the genetic manipulation of gut microbes and complex communities written by Project Leader James Marsh and Ruth Ley

We are pleased and very proud to announce that postdoctoral researcher Taichi Suzuki has accepted a joint assistant professor position at ASU