Summer 2010

Our analysis of the developing infant gut microbiome was published in PNAS and written up in the New Scientist.

Other recent publications with collaborators:

Kuczynski, J., E. K. Costello, D. R. Nemergut, J. Zaneveld, C. L. Lauber, D. Knights, O. Koren, N. Fierer, S. Kelley, R. E. Ley, J. I. Gordon, and R. Knight. Direct sequencing of the human microbiome readily revelas community differences. Genome Biology 5: 210-219 (2010).

The QIIME paper from Rob Knight’s lab, published in Nature Methods.

The Science paper on the microbiota of TLR5-deficient mice, shown to induce metabolic syndrome upon cecal transplant into germfree wildtype recipient, was also published this year.  We collaborated on this project with Andrew Gewirtz.