Cornell Fine Arts & Microbiome Art Show!! 

Opening Reception at The Ink Shop
Friday, September 4, 5-8pm
September 4 – September 29, 2015

The Ley Lab Collaboration I and II Portfolios were organized by professors Greg Page of the Department of Art, and Ruth Ley of the Department of Microbiology and Director of the Ley Lab. These portfolios are exploratory investigations of how an artist can translate in visual terms the research of the Ley Lab, reflecting the research of the gut, microbial behavior and activity, and how microbes affect life and play an important role in research on many levels. All the work was produced in the Print Media studios of the Department of Art at Cornell University. The class received a lecture by Professor Ley on the research taking place at the Ley Lab and a tour of the Ley Lab’s various locations in the Department of Microbiology.  The colophon for the portfolios includes more information and a list of the student participants.