Fall 2013

This Fall we are welcoming Dr. Jill Waters to our lab as a new post-doc. Jill obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois where she worked with Abigail Salyers.

We are also joined by Gabe Fox and Cameron McKonkey, who in addition to Hannah de Jong make up a remarkable band of highly talented undergraduate researchers.

Dr. Omry Koren took up a position at Bar Ilan University in Israel as an Assistant Professor: Congratulations Omry!

Dr. Angela Poole won a 3PCG Fellowship: Congratulations!

And Sara Di Rienzi’s paper on the enigmatic Cyanobacteria-like bacteria od the gut came out in eLife!  Jonathan Eisen sums it up best in his blog. This was a joint paper with the Banfield lab at UC Berkeley.