Fall 2011

Ruth is awarded the 2011 CALS Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Early Achievement:

“Ruth E. Ley, Department of Microbiology, for her important research into mammalian gut microbial ecology and the inheritance of microbiota, and her comparative analysis of the contributions of diet, host phylogeny, and digestive physiology to the structure of mammalian gut communities.”

We are excited to welcome new members of the lab:

Dr. Anders Janzon. PhD, joins us from Gothenburg University in Sweden, where he completed a PhD. He joins us for post doctoral work.

Dr. Beth Bell, DVM PhD, has joined the lab to develop our animal research program.

Dr. Wei Li, visiting scholar from China and the Angenent Lab at Cornell, is assisting with research.

Other members are moving on: Nick Scalfone, Ashwana Fricker, and Ayme Spor.  We wish them the best of luck in their endeavors.

Funding News – We were awarded an RO1 from NIDDK to scale up our study of the TwinsUK population, with the aim of linking host genetics to the gut microbiota.  Collaborators are Andy Clark (Cornell) and Tim Spector (King’s College London, UK).

We are also collaborating with Dr Charles Mitchell, University of Miami, on an RO1-funded study of the gut microbiome in HIV infected children.